Central Vancouver Coalition
Resilience and Growth through Community

Our Mission.

The Central Vancouver Coalition’s mission is to reduce and prevent youth substance use by building an inclusive, resilient and connected community through awareness, education, and collaboration.

About Us

The Central Vancouver Coalition was founded in 2018 to build a healthier community. The community became a part of the Health Care Authority Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery Community Prevention and Wellness Initiative based on community need and readiness. The fiscal agent for the grants is the Education Service District 112. A full-time Coalition Coordinator was hired to help support the planning process and implementation of the Strategic Plan. Additionally, a full-time Student Assistant Profession was hired to work at McLoughlin Middle School to implement the Project S.U.C.C.E.S.S program.

​​The Coalition will include representatives from Vancouver Public Schools, Vancouver Police Department, Clark County Public Health, chemical dependency professionals, youth, mental health professionals, parents, non-profits, youth serving organizations, the business sector, faith communities, and more. In addition to recruiting broad sector representation, the Coalition is also focused on building a coalition representative of the community being served. We are also focused on building partnerships with existing service providers in the community to build positive relationships with residents. ​​

Our Community

The geographical area of the Coalition reflects the school boundaries of Fort Vancouver High School. Described as an urban city, the total population is 153,658. The community within those boundaries is a community rooted with history and growing with diversity.

Currently, about 77% of the population is White Non-Hispanic while 23% are categorized as any minority. The Latinx/Hispanic population is the largest minority group living within the boundaries followed by those identified as multiracial. The international district stretches through Central Vancouver with various multicultural businesses serving the members of the community with food from Thai cuisine and traditional Mexican food. Central Vancouver is rich in cultural that it has been described as “a hub for cultural events and festivals” by other organizations operating within the boundaries. Additionally, many renovations are also occurring with reconstruction of streets and buildings.

This community is expected to continue to grow and develop for years to come.